In the fall of 2019, KISD formed the 2020 Bond Steering Committee, an invaluable group of community members formed to study the facility needs of the school district and present a recommendation to the Killeen ISD Board of Trustees for future community consideration.

More than 150 residents, parents, staff, community members and taxpayers who represented a diverse cross-section of our district were invited to serve on the committee. They brought varying perspectives from our communities as they prioritized project solutions. The BSC was charged with assessing the district’s current and long-term facility needs regarding:

  • Building safety
  • District growth and capacity
  • Building age and condition
  • Student and program equity
  • Evolving educational delivery and programs

The BSC studied the district’s utilization of portable classrooms, enrollment trends and growth projections, building age and condition, district financial information and more to better inform their decision-making. In its final meeting, the BSC members came to overwhelming consensus on their final recommendation to the Board of Trustees. The Board studied and discussed the recommendation and voted to call a bond election for the May 2, 2020 ballot. The bond, made up of two propositions, now goes to the voters who will have the opportunity to vote For or Against each proposition independently.


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